The Templeton Rye Heritage Pork Project stemmed from our close association to agriculture and livestock here in Iowa. More and more, people want as much information as is available about the food they are eating – including its history and the path it took from origin to plate. As a group who appreciates both flavor and quality, we thought it would interesting to bring to market a selection of heritage breed pigs fed a diet using spent Templeton Rye mash.

We are fortunate to get to visit top chefs around the country and are fans of the farm-to-table movement. We have been involved in a number of culinary events including Aspen Food & Wine, Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, Cochon 555, Kohler Food & Wine, Green City Market Chef's BBQ, Slow Food Chicago, Chicago Gourmet and Slow Pig.

PigsTempleton Rye has been embraced by the culinary world. Chefs around the country have used Templeton Rye in recipes and we have participated in numerous whiskey dinners and events at Michelin starred restaurants such as Sepia, Boka and Longman & Eagle. Templeton Rye is also proudly poured at events hosted in the James Beard house.

This project is the culmination of numerous interests and experiences of the Templeton Rye team. We hope Templeton Rye fans around the country will be interested and that the Templeton Rye Heritage Pork Project will introduce our great whiskey to a whole new group of folks who appreciate "The Good Stuff!"